• Available with 4K signal scaling and processing

  • Simply professional 4K scaling and switching

  • X1

    Seamless switching single channel video scaler

  • Ready to go Seamless Switching and Scaling

  • With PC-free local panel menu to control the LED screen directly

  • Advanced multi-mode cross conversion video processor

  • A 4-layer seamless 4K×2K switcher and mapping scaler

  • AVDSP Mosaic and Edge Blending VSP 3600: a dedicated 4-layer seamless switching and video splicing processor, providing multiple display windows, DSK and rotary effects.

  • AVDSP Mosaic and Edge Blending VSP 3550S: a 4K×2K cost-effective seamless scaler and splicing processor based on the technologies applied in VSP 3600 and VSP 198S.

  • AVDSP Seamless Switcher and Scaler VSP 5162PRO: a 2-layer 6-channel seamless switcher, supporting 4K×1K user defined output splicing resolution.

  • Small format seamless switcher and scaler with 5 inputs, supporting all common video graphic inputs

  • AVDSP Mosaic and Edge Blending VSP 3500: a two layers seamless switcher and video wall controller for full color LED screen, supporting graphic scaling and rotation.

  • AVDSP Seamless Switcher and Scaler VSP 1314: a 3 layers seamless switcher and scaler, satisfying the mid-range market with seamless switching and multi-format converting.

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