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Sales Manager

Job Responsibilities 
1. Sales plan management:make annual and quarterly sales plans for the responsible region;
2. Market development: promote the company and products through various channels, explore new markets and new customers, and decompose sales targets;
3. Customer management: regularly communicated with customers about the market and sales situation, and was responsible for business negotiations and transactions with customers;
1. At least 2 years overseas sales experience, fluent in English and beable to independently develop overseas market
2. Familiar with overseas market development methods such as Facebook, Google, linkedin and other development channels
3, Familiar with international trade and foreign trade documents operation and otherbusiness processes,have a good command of the international market related policies, regulations, conventions and practices;
4.Excellent communication skills, understanding ability, sense of responsibility and service consciousness.

FPGA Engineer

Job Requirements:
1. Major in Electronic Engineering,Communication or related; Master degree preferred.
2.knowledge ofimage, video processing and other electronic products, familiar with digital circuit, video image processing system;
3. Familiar with basic analog circuit;skilled HDL programming and debugging ability;
4. Familiar with at least one Xilinx/Altera/ FPGA device and corresponding design process;
Job Responsibilities:
1. Conducted feasibility verification, chip selection and scheme formulation according to requirements;
2. Cooperate with hardware personnel to design andcheck FPGA schematic diagram;
3. Verification and debugging of FPGA system.

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