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Video {Processing} for any scale
8K ready with quad link HDMI 2.0 input
8K single link with HDMI 2.1 and DP 1.4 input
HDR 10 & HLG compliant
Up to eight 4K/UHD layers per module
Fully customisable in/out resolutions & EDID Management
OSD overlay features
XPOSE 2.0 Web Server Built in with IP connection
I/O Module Based Design and hot swap capacity
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Multi-screen video wall splicing and display switching processing
Subtitle: Multi-layer, multi-screen, multi-display
Multi-Screen Preview
In order to ensure the safety of live broadcast control, especially in some radio, television, performance and live broadcast fields, multi-screen preview, 4 or more designated input signals or text, images, video content, and preset scenes are displayed at the same time in one screen.
Splicing (Mosaic)
In order to display more content to meet different multi-screen display effects, you can display 3 or more input signals or text, images, and video content on a single screen through a multi-screen video device, each layer size, position can be overlay and moved as you need!
Muti-Layers (canvas)
In order to display more content to meet different multi-screen display effects, you can display 3 or more input signals or text, images, and video content on a single screen through a multi-screen video device, each layer size, position can be overlay and moved as you need!
Display Resolution
According to Wikipedia, the display resolution is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed by a display device, such as TV, Monitor, Projector or LED display. The resolution is usually quoted width × height, with the units in pixels. As an example, a full HD display is "1920 × 1080" which means the width is 1920 pixels and the height 1080 pixels.
The secret behind the amazing proAV world is building up day by day based on its developing display resolutions!
RGBlink has embraced 4K, and while some are still struggling to get on top of the challenges that 4K brought.RGBlink is gearing up for 8K resolutions – and beyond!
Standard resolution and non-standard resolution Scale, for the design and application of standard displays and LED displays, refer to the pictures or videos of Analogway or other companies interpreting LED applications
As people’s demands of vision are getting higher and higher, we often hear 4K 8K and other high-definition stories in our lives. How to input high-definition, we need ultra-high-point LED vision or some LCD screen, RGBlink wonderful Q and X series product and other different series of products meet different project requirements. The synchronization of the input and output of your project and the point-to-point achievements, make your layout vividly.
Effects switching
In order to enrich the live switching display, especially for rental, entertainment, and performance activities to make the live stage effect more beautiful, the RGBlink professional audio-visual series products support seamless switching of different scenes and seamless switching of multiple layers. For many users, they still expect to be seamless in some medium and large multi-screen displays, and the display cannot be black when switching between scenes. We can solve your concerns. You can also choose dozens of different special effect modes to switch, let your broadcast control overturn the audience.
Edgeless Synchronization for Any Video Wall
In order to ensure the maximum safety of the scene, especially in some radio, television, performance and live broadcast fields, zero error control is required, so the multi-screen monitoring function is indispensable. Multi-screen monitoring can realize real-time selection of any input source at an output port. Preview, the input source status can only be seen at the bottom of the eye. At the same time, we provide PST and PGM layouts. You can view the editing status and preset scenes in the PST window. After confirmation, switch to the PGM main output. The PGM window also monitors the PGM main output, which can be described as input-pre-editing and then The main output can be safely controlled at all levels, allowing you to have no worries about the safety of broadcast control.
Out of sync
* Audio best listened to with headphones
Keying in the case of 2 or more splicing outputs
In many project requirements, in order to achieve some special effects background display or LOGO overlay applications, users can implement the Chroma key function in the video splicing product or display it on the splicing large screen.
FLEX pro8+Quatro
Integrated product solutions are favored by more and more users, not only reducing application costs, but also reducing personnel learning costs and control costs. flexpro8+Quatro integrated product, whether you are LED splicing, LCD splicing or projection fusion, creative splicing can be easily realized. Flexpro 8 has a full-module input design, supports 4K input modules, and supports splicing, fusion and rotation functions, which can cope with different display applications. Coupled with the optional Quatro control system module, it provides more flexibility and possibilities for LED display control.
We recommend X14 and T1 product combos for you for rental activities. As a large console, T1 can be used to control large-scale events. A 14-inch LCD touch screen is embedded and a series of intuitive and cool buttons are built, which is easy to change and control of X14 and on-site display.
XPOSE is a video processing equipment operating software independently developed by RGBlink. It redefines the control of the video processor, and can realize the powerful functions and many advantages of video processing through a very intuitive UI interface. It supports mainstream platform operating systems, not only Windows, but also Mac OS and Linux systems. XPOSE is designed in strict accordance with various operating system standards and underlying protocols, with strong compatibility and stability.
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Geeky Nerdy Techy
RGBlink mini-Affordable HDMI Switcher & Live Streaming Solution! this is not only a hdmi switcher,it works directly with OBS or any other capture software,thanks to the USB out,,that's really a functional unit! I don't have to hook it up to the computer to do anything complicated,just get it to work.Anoher unique feature over something like Atem mini is we get transition bar(T bar),feel identical,easy switch the camera.PIP and logo overlay which are so convient so use!
Thomas Santoso Westberg
Great colors in this video! I've been in touch with the RGBlink people (I mentioned you) and they seem great to work with. Looking forward to the sync video. At the moment I'm just using really cheap HDMI-cards and I've done some really long streams on my other channel where there's a bit of drifting going on, I wonder if that is because of OBS.
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  • Inputs
    • 12G SDI-4K@60
    • HDMI 2.0-4K@60
    • DP 1.2-4K@60
    • HDMI1.4-4K@30
    • DVI Dual-4K@30
    • DP 1.1a-4K@30
    • 3G SDI
    • HDMI
    • DP
    • DVI-I
    • HDBaseT
    • USB
    • CVBS (Composite)
    • VGA
    • Type-C
    • Fiber Optic
    • H.264
    • Audio
    • H.265
    • HDBT(cat5)
  • Outputs
    • HDMI 2.0-4K@60
    • HDMI 1.4-4K@30
    • DP 1.2-4K@60
    • 3G SDI
    • CVBS(Composite)
    • DP
    • DVI-I
    • HDBaseT
    • ARO
    • HDMI
    • VGA
    • Fiber Optic
    • H.264
    • Subito Quatro
    • Audio
    • USB 3.0
    • Layers
  • Control options
    • Ethernet
    • RS232
    • USB
    • Xpose software
    • Xpose APP
    • Front Panel
    • Tgo
    • T1
    • T2
  • Features
    • Double backup power supply
    • PVW multi-screen monitor
    • Genlock
    • HDR
  • Status
    • Active
    • Discontinued
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