DXP A1616
Key Features

●Any in any out matrix

●RS 232 loop through for multiple control

●IR remote control as option

●Input and output can be modularized


Matrix switching system is the whole cross high performance device, used for signal switching. Mainly used in television broadcasting system signal switching and exchange, multimedia meeting room, large screen projection display engineering, government conference room, hospital medical discussion conference room, television signal switching, interactive multimedia classrooms, and military command video conference room.

RGBlink strong technical strength determines the high quality of AVDXP series matrix switchers. We choose the chips with best performance, elaborate design for every way of switchers, to ensure the high quality of switchers. After rigorous testing, VGA switching signal bandwidth is 500 MHz (-3db), support resolution of 1024x768 60Hz to 2048x1536 60Hz, fully meet various strict requirements and high quality occasions. Video for 250MHz (-3db), can not only support various of video signals, but also meet the future high-definition television (HDTV) bandwidth requirements. RGBlink matrix switchers provide the good man-machine interface for users.

   Switchers in this series are equipped with monochromatic LCD, RS232 communication interface, with outage protect function, can read and store up to 24 user scenarios. The system is equipped with multiple sets of serial instructions, can in conjunction with computer, remote control system or all kinds of distal control equipment.



16 x CVBS


16 x CVBS

Supported input resolution:480i, 576i

Supported standard:PAL, NTSC and SECAM

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Package weight


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