Binhai City Planning Museum Project

      VENUS X3, VENUS X1, etc., were used in the Binhai City Planning Museum

      The shandong weifang binhai economic and technological development zone as the state-level economic and technological development zone, located in the north of weifang city, shandong province, the south side of bohai laizhou bay. The development zone with convenient transportation and abundant resources.

VENUS X3, VENUS X1, VSP 3600, VSP 3500 were used in the Binhai City Planning Museum.

Main Screen: resolution 6016*1088, use VENUS X3

 (and use VENUS X1 by the side of the main screen)

Curved Screen: resolution 4864*768, use VSP 3600

Folding Screen: resolution 1664*2240, use VSP 3500








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