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Concepto de Talento

RGBlink respects, values and relies on the talents for talents are the foundation of corporate sustainable developments.  The corporation provides platforms for all the staff to show and bring their talents into play in various practical activities.   RGBlink has already figured out a way to accomplish a win-win result for both the corporation and the employees, that is to improve the human resource managements and the employees’ comprehensive quality via different approaches and to emphasize the mutual developments as well as the sharing of success.

With the talents-oriented HR concepts, RGBlink brings the staff together and inspires them by virtue of bright prospect and career for everyone.  The corporation establishes its effective talent mechanism and creates a growth environment full of fairness, peace and vitality. It is possible for everyone to take opportunities to succeed and gain senses of self-worth with the platform provided here in RGBlink.  The corporation pays more attention to creation, capacity, potential and attitude instead of education background when hiring people. Each employee can find his place here and contribute to the career. 

A corporation can only make achievements with the efforts of its staff, which also brings success to the staff themselves.   RGBlink initiates development patterns for employees to combine self-developments with corporate long-term planning.  Everyone is supposed to play his significant role and make progress together with RGBlink.

Corporate equality and love for talents are also two principles stated and followed by RGBlink.  People only differ in terms of jobs without classifications.  The corporation respects the employees’ personality and encourages them to work for self-perfection as well as corporate prosperity.  As all the staff is the essential force for the corporate substantial development, RGBlink has already cultivated a group of talents with professional skills, passions, diligence and quality.  By means of professional training, salary-allocation, benefits and various activities, the staff gains sense of belonging, security and accomplishment here.  For years, RGBlink insists on running the business with good faith while all the staff keeps working with integrity, which makes a contribution to a famous corporate image of good faith.  


Basic salary- to estimate and acknowledge the values, performance and contribution of the employees.

Comprehensive subsidies - the cash support for employees’ basic requirement in lives.

Annual bonus  bonus given out to employees for a prosperous new year before the Spring Festival.

Sales bonus – bonus for marketing staff after achieving the sales task.

Incentive plan  incentives for the staff with great contributions to the corporation.

Social insurance  to provide the staff with pension, medical insurance.

Other insurance- kinds of insurances including life insurance, personal accident insurance. 

Vocation system- to encourage the staff rest and keep healthy .

Settling policy- to settle in Xiamen.

Travel subsidy- to help the staff make balance between work and rest.

Salary-increase System- a regular annual salary increasing system to attract more talents.

Promotion system- platforms for employees’ long-term careers


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