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Características principales

Integrated Vision Mixer

Full preview to program presentation switching

Additional background layer capability

Dual angle adjustable LCD monitors

Multi-View input sources

Full modular design

Combination module for greater flexibility

Configurable Genlock built-in

Tally support built-in

Support subtitles import and preview

Support scene edit and seamless switching

Save configurations on board and to USB

Optional Redundant Hot Swap PSU



VENUS X3 LIVE brings together sophisticated presentation switching with advanced mixing capabilities into a single device. The vision mixer console includes broadcast style features for quick access during any performance, along with dual eight-inch LCD displays to monitor video sources, full preview, as well as live/program display monitoring. At the rear of the VENUS X3 LIVE, the familiar VENUS X3 modular routing platform become apparent, with a host of new options and features tailored to presentation applications.

Entirely module, right down to fans, filters, and PSU, VENUS X3 LIVE is fitted as standard with modules for preview and monitoring, communications and Genlock sync. From there, there is an impressive choice of both inputs and output options.

The on board displays can be configured to show outputs as physically arranged, or in any way. Large tactical illuminated buttons along with T-Bar mixing control. Powerful, yet compact, VENUS X3 LIVE is a fully integrated scaling, processing and mixing for processing and mixing for professional environments from entertainment to integration.


Max Input Video:

3 x DVI input module(4 x DVI inputs per module)

3 x HDMI input module(4 x HDMI inputs per module)

3 x VGA input module(4 x VGA inputs per module)

3 x CVBS input module(8 x CVBS inputs per module)

3 x USB input module(4 x USB inputs per module)

3 x SDI input module(4 x SDI inputs per module, each with loop)

BackGround Input:

2 x HDMI



PGM Output

4 x DVI

2 x HDMI

PST Output

1 x HDMI

PVW Output

1 x HDMI

1 x VGA

Communication Ports:



Input Voltage

AC 100~240V 50/60Hz

Max Power


Net Size

502mm x 430mm x 186mm

Package Size

537mm x 497mm x 312mm

Net Weight


Work temperature


Relative humidity


Tel: +86 0592-5771197 FAX: +86 0592-5788216 buzón: [email protected] dirección: S601-S607 Weiye Touch Building, Xiamen Hi-Technology Zone, China
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