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Características principales

Support power module pluggable technology and power 1+1 redundancy function

Auto input formats detect and conversion

Support EDID edit for inputs and read EDID for outputs

Replaceable input and output optional modules

Support genlock and reference input

Support resolution real-time total adaptation

Support output layers 90°, 180° and 270° rotate

Support color uniformity compensation technology

Support isolated storage and frame rate conversion

Support preview all output images

Support dual pictures operation and DSK

Support input signals hot backup function

User-defined resolution adjustments

Multiple cascade synchronization split



      VENUS X2 is a multiple outputs video processor, it offers nine card cages that accepts a wide variety of video signals, including VGA, CVBS and USB (for media files play). VENUS X2 combines truly seamless, fade in fade out, glitch-free switching with advanced scaling technologies to meet the requirements of high quality, high resolution video presentations.  

VENUS X2 supports EDID editing for VGA, HDMI input ports and read EDID for output ports, the EDID can be modified by windows control program, users can edit the EDID of input port according to the resolution of outputs to achieve the optimal input resolution.

VENUS X2 also supports resolution real-time total adaptation, color uniformity compensation technology and 90°, 180°and 270°rotate. In addition, it supports local front panel operation, remote widows based software control by Ethernet, and WIFI control. In addition, VENUS X2 is based on replaceable input optional modules structure, with different modules, you can reach more possibility and application range.

Input Modules

Each VGA module supports 3 VGA inputs

Each CVBS module supports 4 CVBS inputs

Each USB module supports 4 USB inputs

Each S-HDMI module supports 4 HDMI inputs

Each SDI module supports 4 SDI inputs

Program Out Modules

Each HDMI module supports 4 HDMI outputs

Control Interface

Windows control program

Remote TCP/IP control

Power supply


Net Size


Package size


Net weight


Package weight


Work Temperature


Relative Humidity


Tel: +86 0592-5771197 FAX: +86 0592-5788216 buzón: [email protected] dirección: S601-S607 Weiye Touch Building, Xiamen Hi-Technology Zone, China
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