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MSP Garage w-PSU

Características principales

Drawer-type structural design, easy to install

Standard cabinet, easy to manage and maintain

Centralized power supply and save space, easy for troubleshooting

Open ventilation and heat dispersion design for back panel

Support AC85~264V power supply, make it apply to different work environment

Can install up to 10 different types of small converters in one frame

Support different types of small converters work at the same time, and greatly improve the applicability of the system



The MSP garage w-PSU is the special small converter rack with high integration.

User can install up to 10 different types of small converters in one frame and supply the power uniformly, which not only reduce the connecting cables, but also simplifies the structure, all these make it very easy to manage and maintain.


Slot number




Power input


Power output




Operation temperature


Operation humidity




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