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Signal Distributor

Ключевые особенности

Support 2 separate control channelsto be

distributed into 4 outputs each

Support 1 channel into 9 outputs

Easy to create redundant loops or drive

multiple screen at different locations

Reduce the number of controllers needed

Port mapping: Software-based




Signal Distributor is a must-have tool for any large scale LED display installation. It allows 2 separate control channels to be distributed into 4 outputs each, or 1 channel into 9 outputs, making it easy to create redundant loops or drive multiple screens at different locations, therefore reducing the number of controllers needed. Doing so eliminates the need to split the DVI signal into multiple devices, avoiding the losses of quality at a critical point in the signal flow.

Signal Distributor has the following purpose when in one large LED display which many receiving cards connecting together.

1. To minimize signal delay and signal lost problem caused by failure receiving cards or cables;

2. Easy to locate the malfunction cabinets;

3. Keep most the LED display working while maintenance the malfunction cabinets.


1 x Ethercon (RJ45) A and B


8 x Ethercon (RJ45).

Net Size


Package size


Net weight


Package weight


Work Temperature


Relative Humidity



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