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New Driver 2

Ключевые особенности

Display connection control from front panel

Brightness adjustment from front panel

Gamma correction from front panel;

EDID management

DVI and HDMI input priority management

etherCON lock connection

Two sending cards installed inside

(Compatible with Linsn TS 802 and Colorlight T7)



New Driver 2 controller is the only piece of equipment between the video source and your LED screen. The New Driver 2 takes digital video through HDMI and DVI inputs, where HDMI is the first priority, when HDMI signal is lost, it will auto switch to the DVI. New Driver 2 is compatible with LINSN TS 802 and Colorlight T7. Compare with normal RJ45 connector, New Driver 2 controller use an etherCON soft-patched connectors so as to make sure lock connection and better protection for the CAT5 cable. New Driver 2 also comes with the EDID management function, and integrates with the display connection, brightness adjustment and GAMMA correction functions, so the New Driver 2 can work totally standard without laptop or PC.


2 x DVI

2 x HDMI


4 x LAN

Net Size


Package size


Net weight


Package weight


Work Temperature


Relative Humidity



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