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3/28/2016 1:52:02 PMPerformance on CCTV for Chinese New Year

The annual Chinese New Year Festival celebrations, welcoming in Spring, are a huge occasion in China. Not only do Chinese people go to impressive efforts to be with their families – often travelling long distances – the whole country celebrates in style with concerts and galas.

CCTV, the national broadcaster, hosts one of the largest events, televised across the country, and in 2016, for the sixth year running, RGBlink has been behind the scenes with an array of advanced video processing and scaling equipment solutions.

With a very wide main stage, backed with a similarly wide LED display, the ability to deliver content to a huge video canvas accurately, spliced together for seamless presentation was key. RGBlink VSP3600 was utilized for this purpose, with video spliced and synchronized across five devices.

Either side of the stage further displays were used, with Venus X3 Express delivering content from a variety of sources for multi-layer presentation over backgrounds.

Such is the scale of the New Year Gala event, more than 20 DXP0808 matrix units were also used for distribution and routing of video signals for a host of requirements both broadcast, monitoring and across the live venue.

The ability of RGBlink solutions to perform to demanding standards, along with local support and backup offerings, has made RGBlink the choice provider of video processing for these important national events.



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