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3/28/2016 1:49:29 PMOn Display at Window of the World

Shenzhen, just next door to Hong Kong, is one of the wonder cities of China. In the short space of 30 years the city has grown from a fishing village to a vast modern metropolis.

A popular place for locals and visitors alike is Window on the World theme park. With scale constructions of well-known landmarks from around the world such as a 108m high Eiffel Tower across 40 hectares there is a lot to see.

A new installation includes a stage of large Led displays with moveable sections. Taken separately this involves 15 active displays and 24 LED display systems.

For video processing, RGBlink was called to deliver simplicity to a complex video presentation solution.

An RGBlink Venus X3 takes video from a media server. The video source is scaled, positioned and routed with X3 operating as a continuous videowall processor.

Output routes are to DVI output modules fitted to the X3. These to DV4 for efficient distribution to LED Sender Cards.




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