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12/31/2015 1:48:40 PMX3 Processing for Ne-Yo in Seoul

American R&B artist Ne-Yo performed at the former Seoul Olympic Stadium in the Jamsil Indoor Stadium venue during December to a full house of enthusiastic fans. With a large stage and impressive show, as with virtually all modern shows the LED displays formed a critical role, with video processing therefore vital. The imagery on the LED displays for the Ne-Yo was processed and delivered by RGBlink Venus X3 switching and scaling presentation processor, while a number of RGBlink products filled supporting roles.

Signal inputs to the Venus X3 processor included extensive prerecorded video from a variety of playback sources that needed to be displayed with low latency in order to be in synch with the live performances, as well as camera feeds and media clips. The video processing and LED solution was provided by Seoul based Able-Tech, whom also supplied the staging.

Says Able-Tech’s Isaac, “The X3 is ideal for these events – the processor can really handle whatever is needed – synching sources for display, especially where there are not only live cameras, but to the overall show can be difficult, but X3 makes it simple for us to deliver the video to the LED screens.” Issac continues,” What I like is the flexibility of use, ability to have backup USB sources on board, and the fact the X3 is solid state – not a computer!”





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