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RGBlink is Asia’s leading professional audio and video company. The company is dedicated to developing and building quality products. RBGlink develops and supports full color LED display controllers, mapping system solutions, broadcasting devices, conference and video wall controllers, projectors and much more.

RGBlink has created a name for itself in the industry because of its products. The brand is internationally known for their video processors, converters, multiviewers, rack mount monitors and routers. RGBlink provides high-end quality video devices with built in software and hardware to meet its customers’ needs.

RGBlink’s focus on quality control is present through all phases of development, manufacturing and verification processes. The company has strong partnerships that continue to grow the brand around the globe.

Тел:+86 0592-5771197 4008-592-114 факс:+86 592-5788216 почтовый ящик:[email protected] адрес:S601-S607 Weiye Touch Building, Xiamen Hi-Technology Zone, China
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