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New Driver

Key Features

Display connection control from front panel

Brightness adjustment from front panel

Gamma correction from front panel

EDID management

DVI and HDMI input priority management

etherCON lock connection

One sending card installed inside

(Compatible with Linsn TS 802 and

Colorlight T7)



New Driver controller is the only piece of equipment between the video source and your LED screen. The New Driver takes digital video through HDMI and DVI inputs, where HDMI is the first priority, when HDMI signal is lost, it will auto switch to the DVI. New Driver is compatible with LINSN TS 802 and Colorlight T7. Compare with normal RJ45 connector, New Driver controller use an etherCON soft-patched connectors so as to make sure lock connection and better protection for the CAT5 cable. New Driver also comes with the EDID management function, and integrates with the display connection, brightness adjustment and GAMMA correction functions, so the New Driver can work totally standard without laptop or PC.


1 x DVI

1 x HDMI


2 x LAN

Net Size


Package size


Net weight


Package weight


Work Temperature


Relative Humidity


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