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MSP 200

Key Features

TFT Touch screen operation

 SDI (SD/HD/3G SDI) output

 DVI (HDMI 1.3 compatible) output

 VGA (YPbPr compatible) output

 CVBS (composite) output 

 Analog L/R output

 Genlock reference output

 Multiple test pattern built in and upgradable

 TIME CODE for frame delay test

 Removable battery 



MSP 200 is expecially designed for the audio and video system integration application engineer and designer, with its high quality and standardlization interface and resolution. User can use MSP 200 to test back end audio and video system by its fully equipped interfaces, and standard resolution support.

   MSP 200 equips standard composite, component, VGA, DVI, HDMI and SDI interfaces, also supports analog L/R audio and H/S output for external Genlock reference signal.

MSP 200 builds in all kinds of standard test patterns which compatible with SMPTE and VESA standards.

MSP 200 also embeds Time code for frame delay test application. It is fully operation by Touch Panel, and user can calibrate the touch panel in need. MSP 200 can be power on by external power module and also can use battery. And external power module can charge battery too.




1 x SDI (SD/HD/3G SDI)

1 x DVI (HDMI 1.3 compatible)

1 x VGA (YPbPr compatible)

1 x CVBS

2 x Genlock



Net Size


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Net weight


Package weight


Power Supply


Work Temperature


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