CP 2048

Key Features

Support control VENUS X3

Support control VSP 5360

Input selection contrlo for Program and Preview outputs

Comprehensive picture controls

Transition effects,selection buttons,Rotary button and T-bar

Ethernet control and monitoring


CP 2048 control mixer is the latest full function mixer enabling the user remote control of the input selection, transition effects, and picture control of the RGBlink seamless switcher series. This allows the CP 2048 to be placed in control booth with operator who can manage all video control and mixing functions, and safely keeping the video switcher and scaler with other control systems in the equipment rack. 

CP 2048 and seamless switcher can be simultaneously connected and controlled via TCP/IP, RS232 and USB connections for flexibility in system integration. This allows for comprehensive picture controls, multilayers, and more than 24 digital effects utilizing the integrated T-bar and rotary knobs along with the 3D motion joystick.

Control Interface

1 x RS232 Male

3 x RS232 Female

1 x USB

1 x RJ45

Control Support

Support control VENUS X3

Support control VSP 5360

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